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TEX Inc. is one of our oldest clients that we still have the honor of working with. This Embroidery Design company came to us looking for a way to strike a spark in the embroidery industry. We have worked on dozens of projects with them in the past and look forward to the projects yet to come.

TEX Inc.
January 2019

Reshaping a 20+ Year Old Business

TEX Inc. has been a leader in the embroidery design industry for over 2 decades. In a slowly changing industry, they were looking for a way to re-ignite a flame with their customers, to make them excited about doing business. With the help of MINIMO, TEX Inc. was able to not only create a more cohesive brand identity for their main business, but 2 of their other embroidery focused entities, Dollar Design Club and The All in 1 Hooper Product. We are consistently working with TEX Inc. to better their designs and get people in their industry excited about embroidery again.

TEX Inc. Website Design
All in 1 Hooper Logo and Designs for Website
All in 1 Hooper Product Photography
TEX Inc. Logo Design

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