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What We Do

As a professional design studio, we don't just design basic media, we analyze our customer's wants, needs, and goals to create unique and effective designs for their business.

About Us

MINIMO is a husband and wife design team, based in sunny Mesa, Arizona. We believe in investing our time in high quality work that we’re passionate about and expect that same passion from all of our team, partners, and clients.

Branding & Identity

We help build the brand of your dreams. When we do branding, we want to express your business' values and personality to build an extensive and consistent experience that resonates with your customers.
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Digital & Web Design

The connected world is a complex space. We strive to alleviate the tension between the users and the information, through user-friendly design, that engages and clearly communicates through any device.
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Other Services

If there is a media service you are looking for and you think it is something we could help you with, shoot us a message and we will let you know if we can help or refer you to someone who can.
How We Work

Our Process


Exploring the purpose

A design without a purpose is useless, so when a business comes to us looking for designs, we focus on our clients reasoning and purpose for the new design.

Finding the solution

Once we have successfully found the purpose (or in other words, problem) for the new design requested, we research for the best solution to that problem.


When a plan of action is established to find the solution, we begin the mock-up process, where we can play around with different ideas and concepts.

Detail design

After mock-ups have been presented, we then move into the fine detail design. This is when we refine the ideas brought forth during the mock-ups, pushing us closer to the final design.

Final design

To finish our process, we run everything by the business one last time and then present them with the final designs. We always include the highest quality file types for our clients.
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